Sid was born Tuesday September 25th 1973 on Crown St in the city of Sydney, Australia to Ecuadorian immigrants Tito and Graciela Tapia.

From the moment he began learning to use a pen, his mother began teaching him how to take control of it by setting him down on a regular basis for cursive writing lessons which were taken out of her old spanish writing books.

In 1976 Sidney discovered the enjoyment of skateboarding by watching his older brother and long time mentor, Walker, surfer skate the footpaths opposite their home on Bourke St Surry Hills. 

Between 1977 - 1982 he was also performing choreographed dance routines for local latin and multicultural festivals and events. 

His brother Walker introduced and influenced him towards new sounds and cultures such as ska, punk, mod and rockabilly to name a few. 

It was 1982 when Sidney first came across the fresh and emerging hip-hop culture and sound. He would compulsively record and study tv clips and videos of various crews. Especially any to do with "Rock Steady Crew" and "The New York City Breakers".

He began to emulate all that the hip-hop culture was pumping out and enthusiastically emerged his identity into it, including the art movement known as graffiti.

Between 1985 - 1990 he attended high school at St Mary's Cathedral Sydney, where in his first year he befriended three close, and at that time, highly influential friends, David, Paul and Wayne. They too shared the love of the hip-hop / graffiti culture. 

These four school friends were also alias as Stations 5 / Sens 1, Da-one, Sie and Best. 

They helped form crews such as M.A - Mix Artists & D.C - Def Crew.

In 1985 one of Sidney's earlier highlights was being able to show off his break dancing skills at one of Sydney's first local Def Jam recordings in the Martin Place amphitheater (a.k.a The Pit) with his fellow graff crew, D.C, in attendance.

In 1987 Sidney began to harness his skateboarding skills to a fuller degree than ever and in 1993 was approached by Jamie Bartie from Kewday Distribution and was sponsored by Etnies Shoes, Neighborhood Skateboards, Tracker Trucks and A1 Meats Wheels.

In 1995 Sidney was offered to ride for Grace Skateboards and receive his first pro model skateboard along side of his team mates Adrian Powell, Martin Baptist and owner, Andrew Currie.

That same year he was offered to ride for Vans yet turned it down to ride for the new and emerging company, Globe Footwear, after being enthusiastically persuaded by close friend and Globe team rider Phil Mackie.

The years to follow saw Sidney with a number of different opportunities and sponsors including, DC Shoes, Circa Footwear, Fallen Footwear, Adio Footwear, i-Path Footwear, Boost Mobile Phones, Lucky Skateboards, Time Skateboards, Elan Skateboards, Boom Skateboards, CLS Skateboards, Ecko Unlimited, Levi's, Alphanumeric Apparel, Surf Dive n Ski, Ess Skateshop, tv advertisements for Coca-Cola, K.F.C, Hewlett Packard Computers, '24 hours' a day in the life television program when Warrick (Thornton) met Sid, for Eat Carpet  S.B.S and various other short films and documentaries. Both lifestyle and skateboarding. 

In the midst of the millennium 1999 -2000 Sidney was altered by the encounter of what is now his greatest influence, inspiration and love; the life of Jesus Christ. 

In 2003 Sidney also began to thrive in the realm of public speaking. Encouraging and inspiring lives, he went on to become one of the key leading regional and national youth communicators throughout Australia. 

In 2009 he was married to his best friend, Anna-Mei Afoke. 

2010 he founded the label Crown St.

Aside from painting walls around the world, 2016 & 2017 also saw Sid having two major exhibitions for Adidas that travelled to Tokyo Japan, Miami Florida, Sydney & Melbourne Australia. 

Currently, Sid is working as a full time artist, an ambassador / influencer for international brands RVCA, Adidas, Sony, G-Shock, Copic Markers & MTN Colors, husband to Anna-Mei and father to his beloved daughters, Skylar-Lovelle & Sianna-Lovelle.